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International Certification for Professional laundry & dry cleaning companies

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International Certification for Professional laundry & dry cleaning companies

(Summary description)

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2019-03-26
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Powered by CINET
international association for professional textile care (PTC)

Guarantee proper quality in your laundry business according to your  customer expectations by implementing standard operating procedures

Main Benefits:

1. Implement international best practices in PTC;

CERCLEAN® provides a complete step by step model for the laundry manager to implement best practices on professional laundry and dry cleaning management in a laundry facility. The program is split up between a certification scheme for Industrial Textile Services and Retail Textile Cleaning, so the program specializes based on the business model that is applicable. The handbook and easy-to-fill-out forms are based on optimized work flow and conditions, annual training of staff, setting yearly quality objectives, handling of hazardous chemicals, proper maintenance of machinery, good housekeeping, complaint management, productivity improvement plan and an energy savings plan.

2. Proven solution & continuous development;

Over 50 years ago the industrial laundries started developing certification schemes in collaboration with health care organizations and governmental bodies based in Europe on ISO 9001 and RABC norms (EN 14065) with a global perspective. CINET is committed to spread this knowledge on best practices and continuously work on improving the know-how in the program based on new innovations coming from the industry.

3. Most cost effective solution;

The laundry manager can work anytime and anywhere as this is a digital, self-explaining program dedicated to PTC. Naturally users get online support of licensed CERCLEAN® auditors. After applying for the program the laundry manager starts creating a handbook with standard procedures for their own specific laundry business and customers, supported by  e-learning on quality & (optionally) hygiene management. This is much less time-consuming than buying a generic quality management program that is not dedicated to PTC. Besides that the program is updated annually based on the latest industry innovations.


After you implement this program you will see a number of effects on your business:

Staff is involved in continuous improvement on the workflow and so you increase productivity and commitment to jointly work towards company (mid & long term) goals and objectives.

Quality control is emphasized in a standardized process to ensure customer expectations are managed and met.

Safety is well taken care of on the work floor so the chance for accidents is minimized. Also possible risks are identified and periodically evaluated to continuously improve your professional operation.

Your laundry offers a sustainable textile care service meeting a minimum of international standards evaluated based on the current national market conditions. When the international standards are too farfetched for current national market conditions a ‘List of Exemptions’ is  agreed upon for a specific country. This list is evaluated on a yearly basis for possible improvements in the market. Worldwide environmental legislation is becoming more strict, CERCLEAN® will ensure that compliance to national regulations is included at all times.

Besides the international standards your laundry will commit to continuously lower the eco footprint based on an annual improvement plan that is included in the CERCLEAN® program. Naturally this will also lower operational cost.

The standardized procedures that you formulate for your laundry business result in lower operational cost (less re-wash, less accidents, appropriate use of resources and increased productivity by optimal loading ratios, etc.).

By implementing internationally recognized ISO 9001 and optionally RABC / EN 14065 principles you profile a trusted service with higher added value for your customer. Naturally this added value should aid your sales people whilst discussing pricing.

Setting an international standard in your market results in professionalization of the industry and puts up a ‘barrier entry’ for new players on your laundry market (you can check Porter’s theory on this via Google). In some matured markets these certification qualifications are included in tender procedures. When a laundry doesn’t have this certificate it is impossible to participate in the tender procedure.

Start your CERCLEAN® certification today!

The CINET International Certification program offer a step by step approach. This enables you as a laundry manager to follow the program at your own pace. CINET offers full support to companies that start the CERCLEAN® program, either via our own CERCLEAN® licensed auditors or in cooperation with organizations like national associations for professional textile care or suppliers / consultants in the field of textile care (read more on next page ‘Distribution Partnership’). Starting the program is very easy, just follow the below steps;

1. Go to and register your company and basic info so CINET can provide a matching quote.

2. Within 5 working days you will receive a complete quote with details where you select how you want to implement the CERCLEAN® certification program (e-learning, on site workshops or outsourced to a consulting service).

3. Based on your selection CINET will send an invoice.

4. Once payment is received, logon-id's will be sent by e-mail. NOTE! E-learning can start withing 24 hours by online payment with credit card or other alternative.

5. After you login in, the handbook module and optionally other e-learning courses are made available. By following the given instructions in the modules, you will develop all procedures and forms to complete the handbook. During this process continuous online support is provided. In case your laundry has already implemented (some of) these organizational aspects it is not necessary to fill out a form twice, simple refer to your existing documents and procedures.

6. After implementation of procedures and working methods and finishing all questions in the handbook, an audit can be requested. CINET estimates 90 hours for Quality management implementation and 50 hours for hygiene management based on previous experiences.

7. To prepare for the audit the laundry manager will receive a copy of the ‘Document of Requirements‘, a checklist to see if everything is in order.

8. The auditor will visit the laundry facility and check whether procedures, working methods, documents and the handbook meet all requirements based on the ‘Document of Requirements’ (same document).

9. Deficiencies will be identified and reported by the auditor and send to CINET HQ for evaluation by the International Certification Committee.

10. A period of 3 months is granted to solve deficiencies.

11. The International Certification Committee verifies corrections/improvements and will endorse the CERCLEAN® certificate. In case the number of deficiencies is too much or can’t be checked via video / pictures a new audit will have to be scheduled*.

12. A certificate is valid for a period of 3 years. Each year the progress on improvements is discussed with the laundry manager, providing assistance  and feedback. Laundry managers also receive support digitally upon request.

*Extra cost will be charged

Do you need an officially accredited certification? CERTEX® provides you a solution!

CERCLEAN® is a step-by-step certification program that aids laundry managers to improve their operation in a pragmatic way. If your customers require an international officially accredited certificate, CERTEX® certification provides the ideal solution. This program is identical to the most comprehensive certification scheme of CERCLEAN®. CERTEX® has been operational for over 50 years in The Netherlands, meanwhile implemented at many industrial laundries. The program is governed by an independent council and accredited according to the international council of accreditation (TUV NORD, a globally recognized organization for accredited certification). This certification scheme for industrial laundries is comparable to PTC dedicated certification systems in European countries like Germany as well as the USA. Compared to some there is one major difference: CERTEX focuses on the end result of the product where others also prescribe the exact procedure a laundry has to follow. Naturally this results in higher (unnecessary) cost, the customer is only interested in the end result. 

More information please contact us.

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